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Our educators emphasize information about abstinence as the best way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.But also that condoms reduce the risk of infection and that other forms of birth control can prevent unplanned pregnancy.Ten months ago, Walker tasked all state of Alaska departments and law enforcement agencies with the duty to collect, maintain, store and preserve sexual assault kits to find out how many kits exist that have never made it into the hands of DNA analysts for review.The audit uncovered at least 3,800 sexual assault kits dating back as far as 1984 that were never submitted for processing.

"We did not know about this problem before we ordered the audit. The goal is to clear the backlog within one year," Walker said this weekend via email.

If you receive a vehicle as a gift, complete a car title transfer to your name by following these steps: If you're thinking about donating your car to a charitable organization, you have literally thousands of options.

Know what you're doing before you make any commitments.

"Survivors deserve justice." Delayed processing delays justice.

It allows assailants to remain free and to possibly strike again.

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We create educational experiences that help young people develop relationship and communications skills to help them explore their own values, goals, and options as well as the values of their families.

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